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Augie focuses on the Comeback Comic for 2009, "The Savage Dragon," and how his enthusiasm for the series has recently been jumpstarted in a big way. Also, he's taking a look through the front half of the latest 'Previews' catalog.

Image Comics On Sale November 26, 2008

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week in finer comics stores everywhere, including an exclusive preview of "The Savage Dragon" #141 by Erik Larsen.

Baltimore: Image Comics Panel

Robert Kirkman, Richard Starkings, Erik Larsen and Jimmy Palmiotti took the stage in Baltimore to share with fans upcoming Image developments, including Kirkman going monthly and Darwyn Cooke on "Madman."

This week, Erik Larsen shares his own memories of the recently departed Rory Root -- considered one of the great comics retailers and owner of Comic Relief: The Comic Bookstore -- and why his store is one of the finest in the nation.

A couple of week's back, Erik's friend Chris Eliopoulos says to him, "There's a lot of guys in this industry that are scared to meet you." Erik finds that to be a little odd and takes a moment to explain why you shouldn't be scared.

Erik Larsen starts out this week by asking “Did you hear the story about me wanting to reveal that Elektra was a Skrull?” Read on to see what he’s talking about and what he thinks about superhero comics today.

Issue #567

Augie attended the New York Comic Con over the weekend and files the first part of his report. Read about the crowds, the creators, local con theory, and more. Plus, read the show notes for last week's missing podcast.

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