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Augie pulls triple-duty and reviews this week's issues of Image Comics' status quo-changing "Savage Dragon" and "The Mission,'" analyzes Morris' approach to art in "Lucky Luke" and runs down some lookalike logos.

Archie's move to day and date digital comics makes a lot of sense for a Direct Market that does little for them, leading to "De Blieck's Digital Divide," Skottie Young's eBook and a rally for digital "Savage Dragon."

COMMENTARY TRACK: "Image United" #3

Robert Kirkman and Erik Larsen give readers the breakdown on the latest issue of the universe spanning six-issue limited series "Image United" which sees uniting six of the Image Comics founders in one title.

WC10: Image Comics

Erik Larsen, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey, Richard Starkings, Frank Cho and Jonathan Ross met with fans at WonderCon to discuss the next batch of projects from Image Comics, and CBR was there.

"Twisted Savage Dragon" Brings the Funnies

Erik Larsen and Michel Fiffe spoke with CBR News about 'Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies,' an upcoming series of back up features created by indie comics creators. Plus, CBR has an exclusive preview of art from the project!

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