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Wallace Shouts "Shazam!" In 2011

Veteran television writer Eric Wallace ("Eureka") is telling a story featuring the Marvel Family - Freddy Freeman, Billy Batson and Mary Marvel - in January's "Shazam" one-shot and his ongoing "Titans" series.

Wallace Writes the "Titans" of the DCU

Writer Eric Wallace spoke with CBR about bringing former Teen Titan Arsenal to the villain-centric "Titans," tying into the ongoing events of "Brightest Day" and the coming reckoning over the death of Ryan Choi.

Wallace Takes "Titans" Down A Dark Path

With Deathstroke set to lead an all-villain team, the new writer of DC's former graduated sidekick series draws up his battle plan for a book full of devious villains while explaining how history weighs heavy in their lives.

Eric Wallace's Titan-ic Task

As the new ongoing writer of "Titans," Eric Wallace is charged with guiding a team of superheroes who are trying to find their place in the DC Universe. They're not teenage sidekicks anymore but are they ready for prime time?