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ECCC: Marvel's Cup O' Joe Panel

Joe Quesada brings his trademark Q&A to Seattle along with some of Marvel's biggest writers, sharing advice, wit, and a teaser or two on projects from "Marvelman" to "Spider-Woman" with folks in the northwest.

ECCC: WildStorm Panel

In the face of technical delays and a small audience, WildStorm's Ben Abernathy lead a panel of including Kurt Busiek and Darick Robertson, in an expansive overview of the the WildStorm line including news on "Astro City," "Gen13" and more.

ECCC: "Green Lantern: The Future is Bright" Panel

Eager Emerald City ComiCon fans vault a whole spectrum of questions at the teams behind DC's Green Lantern books, revealing spoilers for a "Brightest Day" DCU while a surprise guest squeezes some potentially juicy info out of Geoff Johns.

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