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SDCC: Superman Soars Into The New 52

DC Comics brought a stable of Superman creative talent to Comic-Con International, including Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Lobdell and more to discuss the Man of Steel's place in the New 52.

C2E2: DC Comics: The New 52

DC Comics creators Scott Snyder, Chris Burnham, Jimmy Palmiotti and more took the stage at C2E2 2012 to discuss the newest developments and announcement affecting the New 52.

WC12: DC All Access

DC kicked off its WonderCon 2012 programming with an all access look to all things DC featuring some of the industry's top talents and creators including Scott Snyder, Dustin Nguyen, Brian Q. Miller, Scott Lobdell and more.

CCI: DC Comics New 52 Panel

The core of DC Comics executive team from Dan Didio to Bob Harras team up to talk about everything new in September as Geoff Johns reveals the mystery Justice Leaguer, Hawkman gets an arch-foe and much more.

CCI: The DC Green Lantern Panel

DC Comic's Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, writer Peter Tomasi and artist Ed Benes joined DC CCO Geoff Johns to talk about the future of the Green Lantern Corps with fans at San Diego's Comic-Con International.

CCI: Flashpoint Panel

At DC's "Flashpoint" panel, Editor Eddie Berganza, JT Krul, Sterling "Spoiler" Gates, Dan Jurgens, and more creators spoke with fans at Comic-Con International about how everything will change-in a Flash!

Harras And Berganza Discuss DC's Relaunch

The Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor of the DC Comics Universe tell CBR everything about the impending September relaunch of 52 titles from what stories still impact the characters to what titles are still on the way and much more.

WC11: Dwayne McDuffie Tribute Panel

Friends and colleagues gathered at WonderCon to pay tribute to the late Dwayne McDuffie, sharing memories and stories about the writer who influenced a generation of comics and animation fans.

WC 11: Burnett talks "Emerald Knights"

Veteran writer Alan Burnett discusses the upcoming "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights," supervising scripts for DCU Animated Movies and the demise (and hopes for a resurrection) of an animated "Judas Contract."

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