ECCC: It's "Adventure Time" at BOOM!

BOOM! Studios' "Adventure Time" creative team of Ryan North, Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline and "Fionna and Cake's" Natasha Allegri spoke about the hit comics with fans during their ECCC panel.


BOOM! Studios took to the stage at Emerald City Comic Con to explain to fans what makes the publisher tick and talk about their current "We Are BOOM!" marketing campaign.

Family Affair: Of Comics and Comrades

Recently returned from conventions in London and Seattle, Ron Marz discusses the upside of leaving family behind to travel to conventions so that you can catch up with and extend your convention family.

ECCC: Avatar Press Showcases Its Bloody Best

Christos Gage and VP of Publishing Jim Kuhoric hosted Avatar Press' ECCC panel, giving details on Gage's "Absolution" sequel, Garth Ennis' "Crossed" live-action webisodes and more Alan Moore "Neonomicon" in 2013.

ECCC: Valiant's Harbinger Wars & Beyond

Waves of new art for the crossover between "Harbinger" and "Bloodshot" were shown off and new facts about the rest of the Valiant line were teased during a gathering of the company's staff and talent at ECCC.

ECCC 2013 Photo Parade

CBR's traditional convention photo parade returns with a round-up of the fans, creators and cosplayers who attended last weekend's Emerald City Comic Con.

ECCC: Marvel - The Next Big Thing

Mark Waid, Matt Fraction, Sam Humphries, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Joe Keatinge and Gerry Dugan were joined by Marvel editor Sana Amanat to discuss "Avengers: The Enemy Within," "Age of Ultron," "Daredevil" and more.

ECCC: Secret Origins with James Robinson

The writer of "Earth 2" sat down at the Emerald City Comicon for an intimate chat about his upcoming Image comic, reintroducing Golden Age characters in a modern setting, why Alan Scott is gay and more.

ECCC: DC Comics The New 52

Creators from James Robinson and David Finch to Gail Simone and Scott Snyder join forces in Seattle to discuss DC Comics The New 52, and the publisher announced a new "Pandora" series while teasing many incoming events.

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