Returning from his recent hiatus, Jud takes us on a tour down memory lane, recounting his youth as an child of San Fernando Valley, the original Golden Apple Comics and what's coming next for the historic Los Angeles location.

Jud and Earth-2 Comics have just seen an over 2 year journey come to fruition with the opening of the Penny Lane Resource Room for orphaned, needy and at-risk children, but that doesn't mean that the work is over just yet.

A rainy day is rarely much fun, but it can be far worse when your business involved paper collectibles and the roof decides to let the water come inside to get dry, as Jud found out on one disasterous New Year's Eve day.

In this pre-Thanksgiving edition of RE-TALES, Jud looks back on his life and reflects on decisions he's made over the years, what he loves most about his chosen profession and comes to a conclusion about where he stands right now.

Los Angeles is the home to a seemingly infinite number of interesting characters, celebrities, aspiring celebrities and more, and they all seem to come through the doors of Earth-2 at some point. Here's one of their stories.

New comic Wednesdays are the weekly high holidays of the comic book industry, but occasionally something slightly more important than sating your average fan's weekly needs comes walking through your front door.

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