WC13: Spotlight on James Robinson

James Robinson took fan questions during his spotlight panel at WonderCon 2013, diving into the inner workings of "Earth 2," hinting at a crossover with the main DCU in 2014 and more

ECCC: Secret Origins with James Robinson

The writer of "Earth 2" sat down at the Emerald City Comicon for an intimate chat about his upcoming Image comic, reintroducing Golden Age characters in a modern setting, why Alan Scott is gay and more.

DC's Zero Month Sales Help Edge Out 2011 Numbers

DC executives Bob Wayne and John Cunningham are back to discuss the performance of the New 52's #0 month in September including the line's overall future, plus exclusive digital sales rankings show a "Dark Knight" bump for Frank Miller.

Cinar Journeys To "Earth 2" in December

DC has announced "Teen Titans" artist Yildiray Cinar will fill in for Nicola Scott on James Robinson's "Earth 2" starting in December with issue #7. Plus, a first look at Cinar's cover for "Earth 2" #8.

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