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As a retail store owner, you might think you know your regular customers, but then along comes a guy like Dave, a tattooed man who surprises you in new and truly fantastic ways. Jud Meyers tells his story.

Earth-2 Comics Grand Opening Photo Parade

Geoff Johns is now the proud-co owner of Earth-2 Comics in California! CBR News was on hand at Saturday's grand opening, which saw appearances from James Robinson, Sterling Gates, Jeph Loeb, Brian K. Vaughan and more.

Johns Partners with Earth-2 Comics Northridge

Superstar writer Geoff Johns has partnered with Eisner Award-winning comic retailers Earth-2 Comics as co-owners of their second location in Northridge, CA, with a grand opening celebration of epic proportions planned.

Customers come and go, but some of them quite simply remain in your memories forever, whether it's because they were huge spenders, notoriously thrifty, incredibly anal or, in the case of one of Jud's, just plain unforgettable.

After a short hiatus, ReTales returns to it's Thursday perch as Jud offers an invitation to CBR readers as he puts a face on your local comic shop and explains just what it offers you that the online retailers simply cannot.

-- Step Inside

Souther California comics retailer Jud Meyers debut's his new, twice-monthly column here on CBR called RETALES, which tells the stories that happen behind the scenes at comics shops across the country and around the world.