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Ron Marz kicks off 2012 by examining the sticky situation of branding, and whether creators are helped or hindered by their ability to deliver work across multiple genres.

Marz Talks Top Cow Exclusivity

CBR News talks to Ron Marz about his three-year exclusive contract with Top Cow, where the writer will be continuing his run on “Witchblade,” as well as writing a number of upcoming creator-owned books.


“Dragon Prince” writer Ron Marz talks about the sleeper success of the first issue, what’s coming up for the series, and its long journey to comic stores. Also, see preview artwork of the second issue before it hits stands this week!

Ron Marz talks "Dragon Prince"

Ron Marz talks to CBR about "Dragon Prince," the story of an Asian-American teen whose life is transformed when he discovers he's the last of a race of shapeshifting dragons -- and he's being hunted.