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CCI: Frank Cho Wants YOU On "50Girl50"

Frank Cho gives CBR the skinny on his brand new Image series, "50Girl50," and how he and the series writer, Doug Murray, plans to discover new art talent to illustrate the book under his watchful eye.

Dynamite Explores the Stargate Universe

Chuck Dixon takes the helm of Dynamite's new line with "Stargate Universe," based on the newnew SyFy series, while Brandon Jerwa and Doug Murray tackle the worlds of "SG1" and "Stargate Atlantis."

Creators Talk "Athena" at Dynamite

The goddess of war and wisdom sets out for a modern day adventure, drawing on everything from the Trojan War to presidential politics. We spoke with writer Doug Murray and artists Paul Renaud & Fabiano Neves about "Athena."

JUNGLE GIRL: Read a Full Issue

With the first deluxe hardcover volume of "Jungle Girl Season One" on sale now, Dynamite Entertainment offers CBR readers a full chapter of the Frank Cho series co-written by Doug Murray with art by Adriano Batista.

- The 'Nam

As we approach Veterans Day, George Khoury looks back on one of the great titles of the '80s, "The 'Nam," with original creators Doug Murray and Michael Golden who discuss the series beginnings, its success and ultimate failure after editorial changes.

Frank Cho on Jungle Girl Season 2

Beginning in November, a second season for the Dynamite series sees revelations to the prehistoric setting's crashes with modern times and armies of mer-people. Co-creator Frank Cho talks to CBR about "Jungle Girl."