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CCI: Torchwood

Cast members John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori joined executive producer Julie Gardner at the "Torchwood" panel at Comic-Con to talk about the upcoming third season of BBC's most popular series ever.

CCI: "Doctor Who" Lands In San Diego

"Doctor Who" executive producer Julie Gardner gets writer Steven Moffat to talk about writing "Doctor Who," how Americans hate foreigners and if it's possible to scare himself with a "Doctor Who" script.

A look at the new TV show "No Heroics," which finds a bunch of super heroes who are needy, lazy, alcoholic and worse in a local bar, plus "Doctor Who" news, why the Question has seemingly appeared in TV ads and more comic news.

Rich has big news for "Doctor Who" fans: which critically acclaimed prose & comics author may be writing and episode? Rich has details, plus Speculation Corner, the Swipe file and more. Wait, what's that? The traffic lights are back! UPDATED

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