doctor solar

EXCL Previews: "Doctor Solar," "Mighty Samson"

Dark Horse, CBR presents exclusive previews of Jim Shooter's "Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom" #5 and "Mighty Samson" #2, featuring art by Roger Robinson and Agustin Alessio on "Solar" and Pat Oliffe on "Samson."

Shooter Takes on "Mighty Samson"

CBR News spoke with Jim Shooter about the December-launching, post-apocalyptic "Mighty Samson," the fourth Dell/Gold Key hero to be re-imagined for Dark Horse Comics by the legendary writer .

Jim Shooter's Scripting of "Solar"

Legendary comics writer Jim Shooter stopped by CBR to give a comic book scripting clinic, using the early pages of his "Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom" #1 script as a starting point to discuss format, action and more.

C2E2: Shooter Shines with "Doctor Solar"

Jim Shooter spoke about the upcoming "Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom," and how the series will draw inspiration from the character's iconic run at Gold Key in the 1960s while fashioning something entirely new.

WC10: Calero Goes "Solar"

The artist behind Dark Horse's upcoming Free Comic Book Day special relaunching the Gold Key superhero Doctor Solar will join Jim Shooter on the ongoing series, and CBR has an exclusive first look at the cover.