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More on Diamond's distribution changes and what it means for mid-level publishers, the missing dialog from "Doctor Who," Simon Bisley on "Gears of War," the swipe file, Obamamania and much more in LYING IN THE GUTTERS. -- Updated!

The end of comics, part 47: game called on account of Diamond; what the hell is superhero decadence, anyway, and why are people saying such terrible things about it; plus RIAA stories, the greatest identity theft in history and more!

Rich takes a long look at the changes Diamond is making and how it affects publishers, more ways the struggling economy is affecting comics, is Mark Waid actally Evil, more Obama in comics, a "Glamourpuss" preview and much more.

Top Comics & Graphic Novels for 2008

Diamond Comics Distributors has revealed the Top Comics and Graphic Novels for 2008. Marvel Comics led all publishers and dominated the comics sales charts, while DC Comics dominated the graphic novel list.

Loads of news this week, including news of multiple endings for the "Watchmen" feature film, one Manhunter is out while another returns, who would have worked on "Dan Dare" had Virgin not gone under and more.

Brian Hibbs brings his long-running column TILTING AT WINDMILLS to CBR! Always informative and usually controversial, Brian pulls no punches. Today, comics implosion and the Fantagraphics/ Diamond deal.

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