She Has No Head! - Killing Characters

Well-earned character deaths give stories high stakes and make them feel palpably real. But is possible that death after shocking death in our stories is inuring us to it? What does it take for a creator to lose you as a fan?

Lex Luthor: Cornell's Man of "Action"

Paul Cornell spoke with us about his upcoming "Action Comics" annual starring Lex Luthor, how the supervillain's story ties into Nick Spencer's Jimmy Olsen co-feature and when he'll finally write the Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor Faces Death

With Neil Gaiman's blessing, writer Paul Cornell is bringing Death of The Endless into his run on "Action Comics" and he spoke to CBR about how the crossover came about and what it means for his villain-centric run.

Amy Reeder Hadley Talks "Madame Xanadu"

The artist behind Vertigo's hot new series "Madame Xanadu," Amy Reeder Hadley goes in-depth about working with writer Matt Wagner, her love of manga, and provides an exclusive look at issue #6 with guest star Death.