death of spider-man

Sales Estimates for June, 2011

Death continues to be good for sales as "Death of Spider-Man drove "Ultimate Spider-Man" #160 to the top of the charts by a large margin, followed by "Fear Itself" #3 and "Flashpoint" #2.

Marvel Hints At Ultimate Spidey Unmasking

Marvel has released third image promoting "Ultimate Fallout" #4, this time featuring an image that directly teases the unmasking of the new Ultimate Spider-Man in the issue, which is set to stores on August 3.

TALK TO THE HAT: Variant Deaths & Pricing Pages

Tom Brevoort gives twice the info on this week's shocking "Ultimate Spider-Man" #160 including the history of the story and of specialty variants while addressing fan questions on Marvel pricing and "Astonishing Captain America."

Paniccia Oversees an "Ultimate" Rebirth

Editor Mark Paniccia spoke with CBR News about the new titles that are part of Marvel's "Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn" initiative while sharing an exclusive look at "Ultimate Fallout" #2 and "Ultimate Comics Hawkeye."

Marvel's "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

Marvel's second "Ultimate Universe Reborn" call Tuesday afternoon revealed that Nick Spencer and Paco Medina will launch "Ultimate Comics X-Men" in September. Spencer was on hand to discuss the series and new status quo.

Quesada Covers "Death of Spider-Man" Finale

Marvel Comics has released Joe Quesada's "Not A Dry Eye In The House" variant cover for the June-shipping final chapter of the current "Death of Spider-Man" storyline running through the Ultimate Universe.

TALK TO THE HAT: Ultimate Creative Calls

Tom Brevoort digs into how which the biggest events and newest series at Marvel get made, from the cliffhanger ending at the heart of "Death of Spider-Man" to new characters in "Vengeance" to the "Captain America" relaunch.

Bendis Plots the "Death of Spider-Man"

Ultimate Spider-Man is in for the fight of his life - a fight that'll have consequences for the entire Ultimate line. We spoke Brian Michael Bendis about the "Death of Spider-Man" and got an exculsive look at art! UPDATED

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