deadpool team-up

Bunn On Deadpools & Sixth Guns

Cullen Bunn spoke about his growing mainstream work and indie focus as he drops a "Deadpool Team-Up" playing with professional wrestling and the next expansive arc of his Western horror monthly "The Sixth Gun."

FIRST LOOK: "Deadpool Team-Up" #889

Jeff Parker and Steve Sanders unite Deadpool, Hit-Monkey and Gorilla Man for an off the cut adventure, and Marvel Comics has provided an early unlettered look at the ensuing hijinx.

Van Lente Talks "Deadpool Team-Up"

It's all about bonding and booze when Deadpool & Hercules, two of the Marvel U's most irresponsible heroes, join forces in the debut issue of "Deadpool Team-Up." CBR spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the new book.