Writer JT Krul spoke with CBR News about his ongoing "Green Arrow" series, the title's upcoming arc tying into "Brightest Day" and what's to come for Oliver Queen once the Brightest Day ends enters it's twilight.

DAYBREAK: James Robinson, Part II

In the second part of a two-part DAYBREAK, award-winning writer James Robinson spoke about his two big NYCC announcements: his "Starman/Congorilla" one-shot and the forthcoming "Shade" 12-issue series.

DAYBREAK: James Robinson, Part 1

In the first of a two-part interview, James Robinson spoke about his plans for "Justice League of America," including the introduction of a new supervillain and exploring the vision Jade experienced in "Brightest Day."

DAYBREAK: David Finch's "Brightest Day"

"Brightest Day"cover artist David Finch spoke about why he loves drawing Deadman and Aquaman for the bi-weekly event title, what he finds challenging about Firestorm and a tease about another big project.

DAYBREAK: Robinson's JLA/JSA Crossover

CBR spoke with James Robinson about the "world-shattering, world-in-peril" story he and Mark Bagley are set to deliver in DC's two biggest team books: "Justice League of America" and "Justice Society of America."