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Diggle Opens Fire With "Six Guns"

Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice produce a hard-bitten, modern-day take on Marvel Comics' Western heroes with "Six Guns." CBR News spoke with Diggle about the November-launching project.

Diggle Dares Matt Murdock to be Reborn

With "Shadowland" in his past, what comes next for the Man Without Fear? We spoke with writer Andy Diggle about the climax of his Daredevil epic and his follow up miniseries, January's "Daredevil: Reborn."

Peter Milligan Walks On "Greek Street"

In the first of a two-part interview, the famed British writer, who has a long and winding history with Vertigo, discusses "Greek Street," and reveals details of what's to come in future storylines. Plus, an exclusive look at issue #6.

Peter Milligan on Greek Street

Acclaimed writer Peter Milligan's new Vertigo series "Greek Street" digs into the crazier, sexier elements of classical tragedy as set in modern London. We spoke to the writer and previewed the first seven pages.