david wohl

Wohl Re-Hires His "Executive Assistant"

Writer/Creator David Wohl gave CBR News the lowdown on the return of "Executive Assistant Iris" in a new miniseries, while also revealing her role in Aspen's big summer event "The Hitlist Agenda."

David Wohl Named New Radical Comic EiC

Radical Comics has named David Wohl, formerly of Top Cow, as their new Editor-In-Chief, replacing Dave Elliott, who will continue on at Radical as their new Special Projects Editor.

David Wohl Talks "Executive Assistant Iris"

CBR News talks to writer David Wohl about Aspen's "Executive Assistant Iris," a series he created with Michael Turner about women trained as personal bodyguards in the cut-throat world of Chinese big business.

Aspen's WonderCon Exclusives

At next week's WonderCon, Aspen Comics launches its new series, "Executive Assistant: Iris," created by David Wohl and Michael Turner. We've got the WonderCon-exclusives covers for you right here.