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WonderCon 2013 Set For Anaheim?

Comic-Con International VP of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer revealed that WonderCon 2013 will likely take place in Anaheim next year during Easter weekend at the end of March.

Assessing CCI's Ticket Sales Trial Run

Comic-Con International's David Glanzer stops by CBR to unpack today's successful trial sale of 1,000 tickets to the event in San Diego and assure would-be attendees that all the available tickets will be released in the new year.

Comic-Con Again Closes Registration

Computer issues are again at the heart of an indefinite delay in ticket sales for the 2011 edition of Comic-Con International in San Diego as David Glanzer explains to CBR News.

CCI: Comic-Con 2010: The Final Word

CCI's David Glanzer offers CBR his wrap up on the 41st Comic-Con International in Sand Diego, speaking on attendance and programming growth to fan trends and the big question of where the show lands in 2013.

CCI: Glanzer On Comic-Con To Date

CCI's Director of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer checked in with CBR News about what's made this show different than years past and what those differences mean for this weekend and the future.

David Glanzer Narrows Down CCI's Options

With the aggressive battle for Comic-Con International growing to a fever pitch amongst the candidate cities, the convention's Marketing and PR Director David Glanzer updates CBR on the potential future of CCI.

David Glanzer: CCI Sell Outs & WonderCon Prep

The Comic-Con International Marketing and PR Director explains what's the complete sell out of San Diego passes means for 2010, addresses the hotel booking concerns and looks to setting up WonderCon this holiday weekend.

Glanzer on Comic-Con's Early Sell Outs

CCI spokesman David Glanzer talked about the conventions' plans to accommodate fans in the wake of a shrinking ticket pool, possibly expanding off-site programming and making WonderCon work on a holiday weekend.

CCI Post-Game with David Glanzer

The Comic-Con marketing and PR chief gives CBR News the rundown on how the San Diego show dealt with ticket sell outs to "Twilight" fandemonium to the future of the show.

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