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Cover of the Week: June 26

This week, Hank Pym comes out of his shell, Foggy Nelson hits the Bullseye, Pizza Dog makes tracks, things get steamy at Morning Glory Academy, and the World's Finest strike a pose.

Cover of the Week - April 10

This week, we get to know our Viper, Prince Robot IV has a very bad day, Magik has a very big sword, Kate Bishop hearts Hawkeye and Bat-cow jumps over the moon.

Cover of the Week - February 27

This week, Damian Wayne rests in peace, Clint Barton's bad Penny shows up, Richie Savoy takes center stage, Legion gets the first (and the last) word and "Seven Percent" springs a surprise.

Cover of the Week - January 30

This week, Emily the Strange takes the stage, Superstorm Sandy strikes, Cal McDonald chills beneath the longest title ever, Orchid knows her role and the butterflies go into full effect.

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