Jim Lee's Darkseid Is Unveiled

DC Comics has released the first look at Jim Lee's redesign of Darkseid, the first major villain of Lee and Geoff Johns' New 52 flagship title, "Justice League."

Darkseid Finally Comes To Smallville

He's been rumored as the bad guy for at least two years now, but as the tenth and final season of Smallville prepares to debut, it's been confirmed: Clark Kent will be facing off against Darkseid.

Committed: Byrne's Superman

In 1986, when John Byrne's revamp of Superman came out, I was so excited. I was a teenager, and I suppose my taste was pretty cheesy at times...

Keith Giffen's had it up to here with Darkseid, asks personal questions about Krypto, talks Sarah Palin, laments the reprinting of one of his '80s works, and reveals what he thought "Reign In Hell" was supposed to be about.

New "Mortal Kombat vs DCU" images, trailers

Midway has released a new batch of MK vs DCU images and game trailers, including cut scene footage of Catwoman vs Sonya Blade, Captain Marvel struggling with Mortal Kombat related anger issues and...Darkseid!

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