Abnett & Lanning Talk War of Kings

With Marvel's epic "War of Kings" drawing to a close, CBR checked in with writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning for an update on the intergalactic magnum opus that stretches across their four different titles.

Quantum Leap: DnA Talk "Nova"

This week's issue #17 sees Nova and Darkhawk join forces against the Skrulls, and concludes with the surprise return of another of the Human Rocket's allies. Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning give us the goods on all things "Nova."

FAN EXPO: Darkhawk Returns in "Nova"

In September’s “Nova” #17, the Human Rocket teams with Darkhawk to fight the Skrulls. CBR News spoke with “Nova” writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning about Darkhawk and his possible future with the series.