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Though he enjoys comic conventions, Daniel Way explains how an uncomfortable exchange with fans can be misconstrued as creator arrogance.


This week Daniel Way talks about life as a freelancer, and how sometimes your schedule is dictated by the almighty dollar -- whether you like it or not.

When It Works, It's #$*&ing Awesome

Daniel Way explains his DIY spirit, how it nearly destroyed his house while his daughter was being born, and how it all ties back into his approach to writing "Wolverine: Origins."

I'm Pregnant

Daniel Way works himself through a bout of prepartem writer's block, explaining how the different circumstances between his daughter's birth and that of her older brother affect him on personal and professional levels.


In his latest column, Daniel Way discusses what drives a story forward and the situation that saw him cut back on Marvel titles and work on more creator-owned projects.

Freelance Operations

In Daniel Way's debut column for CBR, the fan-favorite "Deadpool" and "Gun-Theory" writer explores jumping in head first when it comes to new experiences and the very definition of the term "freelance."

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