cup o' doodles

CCI Cup O' Doodle: Marvelman

Joe Quesada presents the creative process behind the creation of the first official Marvelman piece of artwork in nearly two decades in this special Comic-Con International edition of Cup O' Doodles.

CUP O' DOODLES: Hasbro Packaging Pt. 1

Check out Joe Quesada's many sketches and production process behind the artwork for Hasbro's Marvel 70th Anniversary packaging, some of which is exclusive to Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Cup O' Iron Doodles

Joe Quesada takes you behind the scenes and shows you some work that perhaps you've not seen quite like this, a series of illustrations done for the Iron Man direct-to-dvd animated release.

Cup O' Senior Editor Agenda Doodle?

You've seen Joe's cover process and you've seen random doodles here on Cup O' Joe. This time, it's doodles over the notes for a Senior Editorial Meeting! What future plans can be gleaned from this document?

Cup O' Cap Doodles

Joe shares with you five doodles of Captain America he worked on during a Marvel creative summit held to discuss the events following Cap's death in "Captain America" #25.