Off Model, On Our Own at CrossGen

This week Ron Marz talks about the unique creative freedoms of working for Crossgen, who did not have editors, and the "off-model" issues that resulted in some of his favorite comics.

More Memories of Crossgen

Ron returns with more memories from his time at the ill-fated CrossGen Comics including the origins of titles, the mysterious office ghost and a prank played on artist Claudio Castellini.

Giving Thanks for a CrossGen Thanksgiving

Ron takes advantage of the holiday season to look back on Thanksgivings spent with CrossGen Comics, leading him to recall other stories of the defunt company including a prank he played on then-rookie Steve McNiven.

MARVEL A-I-C: A Day Inside Marvel HQ

CBR stops by Marvel's Manhattan offices to rap with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about summits, new talent like Brian Wood and long simmering comics like "DD: End of Days" and Garth Ennis' "Fury."

Fan Expo: Marvel's Next Big Thing

From "Season One" art reveals to Hickman's plans for both FFs to Richard Castle's first graphic novel to the latest CrossGen projects, Marvel's Next Big Thing panel treated Fan Expo attendees to tons of news.

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