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NYCC: Hine, Spurrier Speak Out On "Crossed"

David Hine and Si Spurrier, the writers behind "Crossed: Badlands" and "Crossed: Wish You Were Here" talk about writing the most violent, twisted comics on the stands and reveal details on the "Crossed: Badlands" annual.

NYCC: Ennis and "Crossed" Go Live-Action

At his Avatar spotlight panel at New York Comic Con, Garth Ennis revealed his newest project, a series of live-action "Crossed" webisodes that he will both write and direct, followed by a feature film.

Ennis Takes "Crossed" into "Badlands"

"The Boys" co-creator Garth Ennis returns to "Crossed" in March with the ongoing "Badlands" from Avatar Press, and CBR spoke with the famed writer about the brutal, murderous world of the series.