CCI: Spotlight On Sean Phillips

Best-selling artist Sean Phillips sat down with long time friend, "Hellboy" artist Duncan Fegredo, and discussed his three decades in the comics industry and how it took 25 years to break into the mainstream.

Brubaker Talks "Criminal: The Sinners"

Fans of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' "Incognito" can expect more underworld action when the duo's acclaimed "Criminal" series returns this month with "The Sinners." We spoke with Brubaker about the new reader-friendly storyline.

The Week in CBR Reviews

It was another busy week for the CBR Reviews team, with a handful of high profile release, a number of highly rated comics, plus one receiving the coveted five star review. Which book received that high honor? Read on to find out.

Crime Wave: Brubaker talks "Criminal"

Issue #4 of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips's "Criminal" kicks off "Bad Night." We spoke with Brubaker about the story as well as those collected in "The Dead and the Dying," the new trade paperback on sale this week.

This Week in CBR Columns & Reviews

Lots of comics were reviewed and plenty of opinions were shared over the last week. Did you miss any of it? Don't worry, we've got you covered, plus how you can use our RSS feeds to keep updated!

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