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Covers of the Week -- May 16

In this week's installment of Cover of the Week, dancing turns deadly, 1950s Indo-China turns sexy, ghosts get gross, close encounters get furry and the Shadow knows twice as much.

Covers of the Week -- May 9

This week, Morning Glory Academy turns shadowy, space turns even more mysterious, the Snow Queen turns frosty, Logan turns brainy and "Alabaster" turns...wolfier?

Covers of the Week -- May 2

This week brings a grim fairy tale, a journey into Nick Fury's past, a visit with an adorable ghost, a flood of purple flowers and an up-close introduction to Matt Murdock's date. Plus, April's Cover of the Month!

Covers of the Week -- April 25

This go-around, The Goon goes corporate, The Twelve goes out with a bang, the New Deadwardians go to Whitechapel, the Man Without Fear goes back to the '70s (sort of) and Popeye goes full-on Kryptonian.

Covers of the Week - April 14, 2012

This week, Wonder Woman comes out with guns blazing, Cliff and Jenny keep the home fires burning, D.B. Cooper takes flight, "Rachel Rising" gives up the green and Prophet goes all "Prometheus."

Covers of the Week -- April 11

This week, Lobster Johnson goes up in flames, The Tinker weathers a storm, Gov. Alvarado reveals a secret, "Saga" lends a hand and Glory paints the Red Planet pink.

Covers of the Week -- April 4

This week Matt Murdock comes to his senses, Frankenstein takes flight, Wolverine delivers some payback, a henchman develops a taste for blood and Spider-Man appreciate the big-screen 

Covers of the Week -- March 28

This go-around finds a backwoods vampire, a ghostly soldier, a sea of readers, clinging Moloids and a smashing Hulk all vying for Cover of the Week. Plus, March's Cover of the Month is revealed!

Covers of the Week -- March 21

This week, John Carter returns to Barsoom, Princess Diana turns blacksmith, Aunt Kizzie goes back to her roots, Cliff Secord takes to the skies and Antlered-Zombie-Deer-Man...gives you the willies.

Covers of the Week -- March 14

In this week's COVER OF THE WEEK, Conan takes aim, Leafy Green hits the track, "The Shade" gets bloody, Luther Strode turns reflective and parenthood goes cosmic.

Covers of the Week -- March 7

This week, the Green goes art nouveau, the War on Drugs goes psychedelic, Miles Morales goes to Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, "Fatale" goes for its gun and the title of "Fairest" cover goes to...

Covers of the Week -- February 22

This week, the Riverdale gang enlists in the KISS Army, Lobster Johnson plays a winning hand, an American vampire offers makeup tips, Dorothy Gale avoids splinters and a Morning Glory Academy students gets detention.

Covers of the Week -- February 15

This week, the Challengers face a living mountain, a crocodile chows down, the wall-crawler appears out of the blue, Matt Murdock meets the Moloids and a cub receives a perhaps-unwanted gift in CBR's Cover of the Week.

Covers of the Week -- February 8

Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu present an homage to "Star Wars," dueling barbarians, a shadowy thief and Frank Castle's final resting place as they pick CBR's Cover of the Week.

Covers of the Week -- February 1

This week, a certain wall-crawler tries to turn back time, some angry apes go to war, a revenant seeks cold comfort, a reflection holds the key and a comic nears an explosive end.

Covers of the Week -- January 18

Wonder Woman takes on the god of the sea, Spider-Man mirrors the Man Without Fear, a tortoise bears the weight of the world, a cat jumps over a candlestick and a student at Morning Glory Academy unexpectedly reappears.

Covers of the Week -- January 11

This week's Cover of the Week entries include Batwoman coming face to face with the Weeping Woman, gold-hoarding Icelandic twins, a long-tongued vampire, a 1930s vigilante and a potentially shocking end for a certain antihero.

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