conan the cimmerian

Geof Darrow's Conan Cover

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR brings you a look at Geof Darrow's completed wraparound cover to "Conan the Cimmerian" #25, including line art! We've also got all the details from editor Philip Simon.

C2E2: Truman Hails "King Conan"

One of two big "Conan" announcements at C2E2, the "Conan the Cimmerian" team of Tim Truman & Tomas Giorello will move on to "King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel." We Spoke with Truman about the new miniseries.

Out of Cimmeria: Tim Truman on "Conan"

"Conan the Cimmerian" ventures out of his titular homeland this week, as a new story arc begins in issue #8. Writer Tim Truman discusses with CBR the latest phase in Conan's life and gives hints as to what's coming further down the line.

Tim Truman talks "Conan the Cimmerian"

Dark Horse's "Â"Conan the CimmerianÂ"" #0 marks the beginning of a new era for Conan. We spoke with writer Tim Truman about whatÂ's in store for the barbarian when he returns to the land of his birth.