"Moon Girl" Exclusive to comiXology

Publisher comiXology continues to bring original comics content to their iPhone app with the release of "Moon Girl" this month. Writers Johnny Zito and Tony Trov talk with CBR about their update of the Golden Age superhero title.

Dynamite Goes Digital with iTunes

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that the company has begun offering digital versions of their comic book series through iTunes via the comiXology app, beginning with their "Terminator" and "Army of Darkness" titles.

BCC: ComiXology Panel

ComiXology's David Steinberger hosted a panel on digital comics featuring Top Cow's Filip Sablik, "Elephantmen" creator Richard Starkings, Michael DeVito of Th3rd World, and "High Moon's" David Gallaher sharing their experiences.

Augie has some thoughts on what went on in San Diego this past weekend, with plenty of random commentary thrown in for good measure. Plus, is the 'comiXology' iPhone app the future of comics, or does the format hold back the material?

CCI: Digital Comics: The Future is Now

Digital comics are reaching out to many platforms. Representatives from Comixology, LongBox, BOOM! Studios, iVerse, and Catastrophic Comics met at Comic-Con to discuss a whole new way of reading comics.

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