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You all know comics retailer Brian Hibbs isn't once to mince words. Well, today Hibbs shares his thoughts and opinions on the Marvel/Disney sale in an open letter to the Walt Disney Company.

Johns Partners with Earth-2 Comics Northridge

Superstar writer Geoff Johns has partnered with Eisner Award-winning comic retailers Earth-2 Comics as co-owners of their second location in Northridge, CA, with a grand opening celebration of epic proportions planned.

Following the 20th Anniversary of his store, Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs reflects back on what it's taken to survive all these years and how things have changes. Plus, a visit to NYC comic shops, the Amazon fiasco and more!

Brian takes a lengthy look at last week's ComicsPRO meeting, giving reader a behind the scenes look at the discussions being had by the retail community as well as a tour of Diamond's new Memphis facility.

It's the big one you've all been waiting for -- Brian Hibbs shows you the numbers for 2008 graphic novel sales in book stores with indepth analysis. DC did gangbusters all around, leading off with "Watchmen."

Sales Estimates for December, 2008

John Mayo crunches the numbers for the Top 300 Comics & Top 100 Trades for December, 2008. Marvel took the top spot with "Secret Invasion" #8, while DC Comics debuted at #2 with "Final Crisis" #5.

Rich takes a long look at the changes Diamond is making and how it affects publishers, more ways the struggling economy is affecting comics, is Mark Waid actally Evil, more Obama in comics, a "Glamourpuss" preview and much more.

It was a huge week for comics publishing in a number of ways and at the same time both DC Comics and Marvel Comics made big mistakes in handling one of the biggest weeks in comics in years. Brian Hibbs covers it all.

Top Comics & Graphic Novels for 2008

Diamond Comics Distributors has revealed the Top Comics and Graphic Novels for 2008. Marvel Comics led all publishers and dominated the comics sales charts, while DC Comics dominated the graphic novel list.

October & November were good sales months for Brian Hibbs -- has December been faring as well? Plus, an examination of Marvel's $3.99 price increase and what it all really means for the future of comics sales and trade collections.

Sales Estimates for November, 2008

John Mayo crunches the numbers for the Top 300 Comics & Top 100 Trades for November, 2008. Marvel took the top spot with "Ultimatum" #1, while DC Comics debuted at #2 with "Batman" #681.

RIch examines the cost of comics and what $3.99 actually means for retailers and the industry, what the tanking British pound means for sales in Britain, Twitter madness, a new book from Jamie Delano, the Swipe File and more!

- Economically Speaking

How is the downturn in the affecting comics retailing? Brian Hibbs isn't seeing any contraction and he explains why, plus advice for publishers considering raising their prices in the coming year.

Brian Hibbs covers a wide range of topics in this week's column, including how his store's new point-of-sale system has generated some surprising results, the distributor bottleneck and publisher problems handling back lists.

Brian examines some of the lessons learned from the recent "All-Star Batman & Robin" fiasco, why proper Street Dates should be enforced in the Direct Market, and what they could ultimately mean to retailers' pocket books.

With one year under his belt using a point-of-sales system, retailer Brian Hibbs has gathered all sorts of interesting data about graphic novel sales in his store and is readying a purge. The non-sellers are very surprising.