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It was a huge week for comics publishing in a number of ways and at the same time both DC Comics and Marvel Comics made big mistakes in handling one of the biggest weeks in comics in years. Brian Hibbs covers it all.

Top Comics & Graphic Novels for 2008

Diamond Comics Distributors has revealed the Top Comics and Graphic Novels for 2008. Marvel Comics led all publishers and dominated the comics sales charts, while DC Comics dominated the graphic novel list.

In this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE, Steven Grant examines the legacy of Robert E. Howard and the big questions facing comics today; plus the final fate of Al Franken and other notes.

Money makes the comics world go round and talent shouldn't be afraid of it. Plus, a 1950's Joe Kubert horror comic, thanks for 2008, more Chsitmas songs, the fall TV season, "The Dark Knight" and much more.

This week: Wither 2008, Whither 2009: a brief look into the near-past and near-future of comics; more sounds of the season; another nightmare on Wall Street; plus the Comics Cover Challenge (redux edition) and other notes.

This week: the top warning signs for freelancers of companies on their way out; more cowboys; more reviews; and a slew of cultural and political notes from the onslaught of San Diego to the dumbest idea France has had in a long time.

Augie looks at comic publishing today in light of last week's TokyoPop contract controversy. He also reviews Dave Sim's "Judenhass," Grant Morrison's "Final Crisis" #1 and finds the parent of the year amidst reviews of baby car seats.