comic studies

Comic Studies: Documentary Comics

Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies classes continue with a look at Documentary Comics, with Laura reading and reacting to Joe Sacco's "Palestine" and "Safe Area Goražde" in very different ways.

Comic Studies: Dundee Comics Day

Laura Sneddon takes a break from her Comic Studies course to attend Dundee Comics Day, featuring talks, advice and anecdotes by Frank Quitely, Cam Kennedy, John Wagner and more!

Comic Studies: Wartime Autobiographix

For its Autobiographix: Comics and History portion, Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies class read and discussed "Barefoot Gen," "Maus" and "In the Shadow of No Towers," three different reactions to war and violence.

An Introduction to Comic Studies

CBR welcomes writer Laura Sneddon as we present the first installment of her column detailing lessons learned as she attends the University of Dundee's postgraduate degree course in Comic Studies.