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October & November were good sales months for Brian Hibbs -- has December been faring as well? Plus, an examination of Marvel's $3.99 price increase and what it all really means for the future of comics sales and trade collections.

RIch examines the cost of comics and what $3.99 actually means for retailers and the industry, what the tanking British pound means for sales in Britain, Twitter madness, a new book from Jamie Delano, the Swipe File and more!

- Economically Speaking

How is the downturn in the affecting comics retailing? Brian Hibbs isn't seeing any contraction and he explains why, plus advice for publishers considering raising their prices in the coming year.

Rich has plenty for readers today, including a further look at the rising cost of comics, the future for "Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas," what is "The Blank Comic Book," plus updates on the Dabel Bros. & Wowio, the Swipe File and more.

Pricing comics out of the market, counterclaims on the most significant 20 comics in American comics history, the last hurrah of the election season, and lots of short notes in Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

Augie talks about the high prices of comics and what they might mean for the future. Is it a natural cycle? Could a radical shift in publishing formats result? Also, a review of "Studio Space" and possible Sentry plot lines for "Avengers" fans.