cloak & dagger

NYCC: Marvel Television Has Big Plans

Jeph Loeb had a few surprises up his sleeve Saturday including Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel on TV, Cloak and Dagger in New Orleans on ABC Family and a cameo by "The Avengers" star Clark Gregg.

Incredible Hulk Rampaging Toward TV

Marvel and ABC are developing a live-action revival of The Incredible Hulk, which last stomped across the TV landscape almost three decades ago. Marvel's new television division is also prepping a Cloak & Dagger series for ABC Family.

CCI: D'Orazio talks "Cloak & Dagger"

Cult-favorite characters Cloak & Dagger return next year in a five-issue series that forces them to confront new villains as well as their own conflicts with each other. CBR spoke with writer Valerie D'Orazio about the book.