5 October TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

We're late! October is already a week old, meaning we've already missed pointing out one of the five best shows to premiere this month! Lucky, there are four more that we want to draw your attention to... including the return of a show you've waited almost a year for, and another return which has had you waiting so much longer...

Five Movie And TV Crossovers That Really Should Happen

For all the misgivings I have about the shared Marvel Movie Universe - which pretty much comes down to "It's all fun now, but it'll probably seem like a drag ten movies down the line, just like the comics" - I have to admit, there really is a thrill in seeing characters from one place suddenly pop up where you least expect them. In fact, I have to admit, if I had my way, movies and television shows would crossover much more often than they already do - and here are five examples of what I'd want to see.

Chuck To Get Full Season Order After All?

In the best way possible, NBC's Chuck may be the televisual equivalent of a cockroach. For the second year running, it looks as if the spy comedy drama might be about to go from rumors of cancellation to getting an unexpected full season pick-up.

What Happened/What Should Happen On Chuck

NBC's Chuck returns tonight for its fourth season - But if you need a quick reminder of what happened last year, or want to know what we want to see this year, here's our quick look back and ahead at the superspy series.

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