Christian Slater

Fox Cancels Human Target, Passes On Locke & Key

Ahead of its upfront presentation, the network announced five cancellations, including the comics-based action drama Human Target, and four new series, including J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz. However, Fox decided not to pick up the buzz-generating adaptation Locke & Key.

Fox's Breaking In Breaks Into CBR/Spinoff Online Offices

A cake was delivered to the CBR/Spinoff Online offices Tuesday afternoon from the "security firm" at the center of the new Fox comedy series Breaking In, starring Christian Slater. The cake felt too heavy for its size, so we decided to film the cutting of the cake to see what may be inside ...

WC11: Fox's Breaking In Panel

The cast and producers of the new Fox sitcom Breaking In appeared Sunday at WonderCon following a screening of the pilot. The group talked about upcoming episodes and the show's slant toward all things geeky.

Christian Slater on "My Own Worst Enemy"

Slater talks to CBR about his new show, “My Own Worst Enemy,” in which he plays two characters that share the same body. and reveals what the series has in common with his classic film, "Pump Up The Volume."