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HeroesCon: Yost Talks Psylocke Mini

The mind-bending mutant ninja gets a new lease on life by exploring her own death in a revenge-fueled series from writer Christopher Yost, who talks to CBR News about Marvel's new "Psylocke" miniseries.

Yost & Bachs on Red Robin's Run

Writer Christopher Yost and artist Ramon Bachs take CBR News inside the cowl of the latest hero to strike out solo from the Bat-family, Red Robin, whose first issue is one sale now.

Christopher Yost Talks Red Robin

As DC expands the Bat Family of books in June, Christopher Yost takes "Red Robin" on a Jason Bourne-inspired quest for Bruce Wayne. CBR News speaks to Yost in his first interview about the new series.

Chris Yost on "Hulk Vs."

CBR News wraps up its interviews with the cast and crew of "Hulk Vs." with a chat with writer Chris Yost. Find out why the Hulk smashes Thor and Wolverine, as well as who might be next in Marvel's line of animated features.

X-POSITION: Christopher Yost

Writer Christopher Yost gives his 'shift' key a %$&*ing workout as he answers your questions about "X-Men: Kingbreaker" and "X-Force." Plus exclusive artwork from both series, all in this week's X-POSITION.

Kyle/Yost/Choi Talk "Messiah War"

The present and future collide in "Messiah War." a 7-part crossover between "X- Force" and "Cable" beginning in 2009. CBR spoke with creators Christ Yost, Craig Kyle and Mike Choi about the kick-off one-shot, "Messiah War Prologue."

Yost & Wegener On "Killer of Demons"

Junior advertising executive Dave Sloan thinks his co-workers are demons from Hell -- and he may be right. CBR News spoke with Chris Yost and Scott Wegener about their new Image Comics series, "Killer of Demons."

Vanished: Yost Talks X-Force

CBR speaks with “X-Force” co-writer Christopher Yost about the hit series' first arc and discuss the next storyline, “Old Ghosts,” which pits the clandestine mutant hit squad against the old X-Men foe known as the Vanisher.

FAN EXPO: Yost Talks "X-Men: Kingbreakerâ€

The saga of Vulcan, the insane emperor of the Shi'ar, continues this December in the four issue "X-Men: Kingbreaker.†CBR News spoke with Christopher Yost about the series which sets the stage for the "War of Kings†event.

WW Chicago: Yost on "Storm-Worlds Apart"

Storm may currently a member of the X-Men and Queen of Wakanda, but that may change come October when "X-Men: Storm-Worlds Apart" begins. CBR News spoke with writer Christopher Yost about the mini-series.

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