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Waid Returns to the Rocketeer in "Cargo of Doom"

Writer Mark Waid spoke with CBR about his upcoming IDW miniseries "The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom," and what it means to him to tell a story involving Dave Stevens' beloved creation with his "Daredevil" collaborator Samnee.

Covers of the Week -- May 9

This week, Morning Glory Academy turns shadowy, space turns even more mysterious, the Snow Queen turns frosty, Logan turns brainy and "Alabaster" turns...wolfier?

Chris Samnee Rips Into "Angel & Faith"

The creative team from crime OGN "Area 10" reteams on "Angel & Faith" as Christos Gage and Chris Samnee prepare a one-off story, equal parts funny and frightening, featuring ideas from Joss Whedon's "Ripper" TV show.

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