chris samnee

Cover of the Week: September 18

This week, Lono does the Monster Mash, Daredevil tries to keep his head, Judge Dredd breaks glass, Legion goes a few rounds and "Fables" searches for a rose amid the thorns.

Cover of the Week: June 26

This week, Hank Pym comes out of his shell, Foggy Nelson hits the Bullseye, Pizza Dog makes tracks, things get steamy at Morning Glory Academy, and the World's Finest strike a pose.

Cover of the Week - May 29

This week, "Elephantmen" gets spiritual (and a little violent), "Fury MAX" plants its roots, The Shadow is unwrapped, "Uncanny X-Force" gets dreamy, and the X-Men takes their last stand ... against boys.

Cover of the Week - April 17

This week, Matt Murdock goes down for the count, "WTF" reveals the Emerald Empress, Logan loves L.A., B.P.R.D. experiences a cold day in hell and the Shadow knows... how to wear a logo.

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