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CHEW ON THIS: Funeral A Ragin'

Before the next major "Chew" arc, John Layman returns to describe how a funeral in his and Rob Guillory's series leads to spontaneous combustion and the return of some old foes before this week's issue #32.

CHEW ON THIS: A Wedding Turns To Funeral

This week, readers of John Layman and Rob Guillory's "Chew" discover a shocking turn in the series' midway point issue #30, as Layman explains to CBR what the gruesome issue means for the book's future.

CHEW ON THIS: Batter Up & Buttercup

"Chew" writer John Layman is back on CBR to discuss the most recent, most brutal chapter of the "Major League Chew" arc, from Tony's captive torture to Colby's new Lion partner Buttercup and more.

CHEW ON THIS: A Double Dose of "Flambe"

In a one-two punch of behind the scenes perfection, writer John Layman looks at recent events in "Chew," from the cosmic conspiracy of NASA to the return of Poyo and the dastardly future which lays ahead.

CHEW ON THIS: Ken Leung & Fricken

Our monthly column with "Chew" writer John Layman continues as we discuss "Chew" #13, the book's Eisner victory, the developing television adaptation and the hilariously gross concept of fricken, or chog, if you prefer.

CHEW ON THIS: Poyo And Comic-Con

Our monthly column with "Chew" writer John Layman continues with Layman rehashing "Chew" #12, detailing his Comic-Con plans and giving you a glimpse into the third installment of "Just Desserts," out next month.

CHEW ON THIS With John Layman

CBR kicks off a new monthly column with "Chew" writer John Layman as your one-stop shop for everything involving the world of FDA agent and cibopath Tony Chu! UPDATED: get an exclusive extended look at this week's issue!