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FX's Powers Adaptation 'Still Alive'

FX President John Landgraf assures that the long-brewing adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers is still in the works, with crime novelist Charlie Huston helping to develop "a whole new pilot from scratch."

Huston Calls Bullseye to the Mound

The assassin Bullseye is known for his wicked throwing arm and in "Bullseye: Perfect Game," he'll give it a workout as he infiltrates the world of Major League Baseball. Charlie Huston spoke with us about the book.

CCI: Huston talks "Deathlok"

This November, writer Charlie Huston takes readers to a future world where warfare is a spectator sport and when soldiers die they are merged with machines. CBR News spoke with Huston about "Deathlok."

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