Critiquing the "Art of Todd McFarlane"

Augie has his hands on an early copy of the "Art of Todd McFarlane," an awesome retrospective of the last 25 years of McFarlane's career, even with some narrative difficulties. Also, Dave Sim follows through on his lettering.

The Top 10 List to Top All Top 10s

In response to a reader question, Tim takes a step back from the crush of current comics to reflect on what would make his All-Time Top 10 comics list. Can Kirby, Moore and Giffen make the cut?

The Middle Ground #125 | Everything old is new again, again

Whether it's re-released previous print work with all-new material included, or using digital to release work that never even made it to the print stage in the first place, this past week has been one that has suggested that, yet again, old indie comics could find themselves resurrected by digital.

Halloween Shopping Edition

Augie goes shopping for Halloween and comes across an odd assortment of comic book-themed costumes. Plus, a comics documentary that's fair, alternate publishing for Cerebus, and lots more.

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