CCI: Mattel & DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership

The team behind Mattel's DC Entertainment toy lines revealed new action figures, new vehicles and a few surprises during their panel at Comic-Con International, showcasing "Dark Knight Rises," "Young Justice" and more.

CCI: A Toast to Scott Snyder

"Batman" writer Scott Snyder told stories of past jobs -- including dressing as Buzz Lightyear -- Stephen King stories and why the Joker will never let Batman rest, all during his CCI spotlight.

CCI: Northstar - Coming Out To Get Married

Marjorie Liu, Phil Jimenez and Scott Lobdell headlined a discussion the evolution of Marvel's pre-emminent gay character, Northstar, and the current state of gay characters, relationships and more in comics.

San Diego Wrap-Up

Augie responds to some of the news out of San Diego over the weekend. Is Marvel done culminating yet? Did Image win the show? And is Hollywood really all that evil, after all?

CCI: Marvel's 2012 Costume Contest

Marvel Comics held its traditional costume contest at Comic-Con International, and CBR photog Caitlin Holland was on the scene to capture the cosplay magic, innovation and love.

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