Previewing Joe Mad's "Darksiders II"

Fan-favorite artist and character designer Joe Madureira and the team at Vigil Games and THQ return with a post-apocalyptic sequel to "Darksiders," this one focusing another horseman, Death.

CCI: 2011 Photo Parade - Sunday

Sunday was the last day of Comic-Con, but before we struck the CBR TV set and headed off into the sunset, we snapped a few dozen more photos of comics pros, Hollywood celebs and the ever-popular cosplayers!

CCI: 2011 Photo Parade - Saturday

Saturday at Comic-Con International resulted in out biggest photo parade of the show, featuring celebrities, best-selling authors, superstar comics creators and, yes, loads of cosplayers!

Hands On with "Aliens: Infestation"

In space, no one can hear you scream, but CBR News yelled plenty as we played through SEGA's upcoming Nintendo DS title "Aliens: Infestation," featuring designs by comic artist Chris Bachalo.

CCI: 2011 Photo Parade - Friday

CBR's Comic-Con International Photo Parade continues with a look at Friday's comics creators, Hollywood celebs, cosplayers galore and much, much more!

CCI | Family Guy Panel

Creator Seth MacFarlane and the cast of the Fox animated series teased what viewers can expect in the upcoming season, from guest appearance by Ricky Gervais and Ryan Reynolds to an episode in which Stewie and Brian travel back through time to the pilot episode.

CCI: IDW's Greatest Panel of All Time

Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall and editor Scott Dunbier with special creator guests spun the wheel (literally) to bring Comic-Con attendees the latest news from IDW Publishing.

CCI | The River Premiere

The producers and stars of The River were on hand at Comic-Con International for a screening of the pilot episode of ABC's upcoming supernatural-horror series.

CCI | The Secret Circle Premiere

Following the premiere of the pilot episode at Comic-Con International, the cast and creator of The Secret Circle briefly discussed fantasy, romance and the drama's existence in a world separate from The Vampire Diaries.

CCI | The Simpsons Panel

Creator Matt Groening and producers answered questions at Comic-Con International about characters' love lives and the challenges of keeping the animated series fresh after 22 seasons.

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