CCI: DC Universe Panel

We're live with Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Gail Simone and more as DC Comics talks up it's biggest summer stories from "Blackest Night" to "Flash Rebirth" at Comic-Con 2009!

CCI: Geoff Burdick Assembles "Militia"

The tech wizard for James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, Geoff Burdick, brings his military sci fi sensibilities to Dynamite later this year with an original comics mini series with "Militia."

CCI: Millar and Romita Jr. Talk "Kick-Ass"

The co-creators of the hit comic "Kick-Ass," writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr., talk about the upcoming film adaptation of their fan-favorite book starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Matthew Vaughn.

CCI: Marvel's "Dark Reign"

CBR's live coverage of Comic-Con International enters day three with Marvel's Dark Reign presentation. Quesada and company answered questions about the mega-event, but a young boy named Christian stole the show.

CCI: Bongo Comics

The Bongo Comics panel at CCI revealed that long time "MAD Magazine" artist and die-hard Simpsons fan Sergio Aragones has begun work on "Bart Simpsons Comics" #50, bringing his trademark style to the ongoing series.

CCI: Spotlight on Fábio Moon

Fábio Moon discussed his career in comics and frequent collaboration with attending brother and fellow illustrator Gabriel Bá before previewing the duo's upcoming "Daytripper" limited series from Vertigo.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Kirkman and McFarlane on "Haunt"

The long-awaited series from the creative minds of Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane is finally ready for release. CBR caught up with the creators of "Haunt" to find out more about it and what fans can expect from the series.

CCI: Gale on "Amazing Spider-Man" Online

This November, Spider-Man becomes a world wide webhead when an original serialized tale of the Webslinger begins on Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited. CBR News spoke with writer Bob Gale about the project.

CCI: Preparing for 'World War Hulks'

The next big family event for the Green Gamma Giant starts with a bang in a Jeph Loeb/John Romita Jr. prelude, with Greg Pak returning to join them and mete out the big shockers ahead.

CCI: Huston talks "Deathlok"

This November, writer Charlie Huston takes readers to a future world where warfare is a spectator sport and when soldiers die they are merged with machines. CBR News spoke with Huston about "Deathlok."

CCI: Robert Atkins returns to "G.I. Joe"

IDW has announced that artist Robert Atkins is coming back to the main "G.I. Joe"series for a five issue arc. And somebody's gonna die. CBR News caught up with Atkins to discuss his work with the Joes.

CCI: Alex Ross' Hollywood Designs

The prolific painter signs up with movie producer friend Bob Teitel to launch the next wave of African American superhero films and talks about the pros and cons of comic costumes

CCI: Gerard Way Part 2: "Killjoys"

Dark Horse has revealed that writer/rock star Gerard Way will be writing "Killjoys," an original miniseries illustrated by Becky Cloonan. CBR News spoke with Way about his latest project.

CCI: What Is Torch Tiger?

The astonishing anthology from the storyboard artists of Disney animation takes its once a year bow with "What is Torch Tiger," with another volume on tap for 2010. CBR spoke with artist Paul Briggs about this labor of love.

CCI: Vertigo Panel

Vertigo's panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego featured discussions of much of the publisher's line, with a healthy roster of creators in attendance. Two new graphic novels and Mike Allred's latest project are announced within.

CCI: Fighting American Comes to Dynamite

Alex Ross and Dynamite Entertainment earn the blessing of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's family in their just-announced endeavor to bring the satirical '50s hero back to his roots in a modern day setting.

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