CCI: Geoff Johns on "All Flash"

Fresh from announcing a new "Flash" ongoing series, Geoff Johns has told CBR News exclusively that the title of the first arc is "The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues" and all the Flashes will be major players in the book.

CCI: Frank Cho Wants YOU On "50Girl50"

Frank Cho gives CBR the skinny on his brand new Image series, "50Girl50," and how he and the series writer, Doug Murray, plans to discover new art talent to illustrate the book under his watchful eye.

CCI: Matt Fraction - X-Nation Builder

In September, writer Matt Fraction introduces readers to "Nation X" in "Uncanny X-Men." We spoke with the writer about the storyline which spins out of the "Utopia" crossover and marks the return of the X-Men's oldest foe.

CCI: McFarlane Pencils "Spawn" #200

He's pioneered a new story direction and supplied his signature shadows in the interiors, but issue #200 of "Spawn" sees Todd McFarlane pick up the pencil once more. CBR spoke exclusively with him about it.

CCI: "Iron Man 2" Shows Its Stuff

As a thank you to the Comic-Con crowd, director John Favreau shows a 5-minute exclusive clip of the upcoming movie before taking fan questions and bringing Iron Man legend, Bob Layton, on stage.

CCI: Vertigo Unleashes "I, Zombie"

Clockwork Storybook alum Chris Roberson teams up with fan favorite artist Mike Allred team up for a zombie-fied monster mash-up in Vertigo's newly announced ongoing series, "I, Zombie."

CCI: Bill Willingham talks "Angel"

IDW has announced that Bill Willingham will be taking over the ongoing "Angel" series beginning with issue #28. CBR News spoke with Willingham about his plans for the broodingly sexy vampire and his loyal crew.

CCI: Tank Girl Invades Image

As if being published by Titan Books, Judge Dredd Megazine and IDW weren't enough, Image has announced plans to publish some "Tank Girl" one-shots. Co-creator and writer Alan Martin spoke with CBR about the deal.

CCI: Marvel Animation

Marvel Animation provided updates on Nicktoons super hero series plus previews (included here!) of the Madhouse Studios and Warren Ellis superhero anime projects coming in 2010 and beyond.

CCI: Dark Horse

Several announcements were made at Dark Horse's Comic-Con panel, including the licensing of "Mass Effect" comic books, new Joss Whedon plans and a comics adaptation of Mike Mignola's "Baltimore."

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