CCI: Laura Martin Makes Hers Marvel

Coloring comic books is a highly involved art, and CBR News spoke with colorist Laura Martin about that creative process, her favorite projects, and her new exclusive deal with Marvel Comics.

CCI: "The Middleman" Lost Episode Reading

Comic-Con attendees got a special treat when the cast and writers of "The Middleman" gave a rarely publicly seen table readthrough of the lost and unfilmed 13th episode, "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse!"

CCI: Women of Marvel

Marvel's final panel at San Diego's Comic-Con International focused on the female creators at the House of Ideas. CBR brings you a report of the discussion, including news of the latest Marvel-exclusive creator.

CCI: Avatar

James Cameron prepares to be "King of the Universe" with his film "Avatar," 20 minutes from which he previewed to thousands of fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and CBR News was there.

CCI: Top Cow

Top Cow hosted a panel discussion alongside founder Marc Silvestri, writers Phil Hester and Ron Marz, plus special guests Milo Ventimiglia and the creators of the Magdalena film. New announcements including a "Magdalena" ongoing by Marz.

CCI: "Human Target" Review

Warner Bros. screened the heavily anticipated pilot for "Human Target" to a receptive crowd during Comic-Con International. CBR News was there to catch a look at the latest iteration of Christopher Chance.

Tim returns from the Comic-Con International in San Diego with an unorthodox recollection of events, a warning for Hollywood superstar Megan Fox, and a celebration of what we like to call the New Awesome.

CCI: Oni Press Panelmonium

Oni Press unleashed a slew of announcements at Comic-Con International, with a cavalcade of creators including Antony Johnson, Greg Rucka, and Bryan Lee O'Malley. CBR was there.

CCI Post-Game with David Glanzer

The Comic-Con marketing and PR chief gives CBR News the rundown on how the San Diego show dealt with ticket sell outs to "Twilight" fandemonium to the future of the show.

CCI: Digital Comics: The Future is Now

Digital comics are reaching out to many platforms. Representatives from Comixology, LongBox, BOOM! Studios, iVerse, and Catastrophic Comics met at Comic-Con to discuss a whole new way of reading comics.

CCI: Spencer and Salas Live a New "Existence"

The creators behind "Existence 2.0" are back for a sequel, "Existence 3.0." CBR spoke with creators Nick Spencer and Ron Salas about the series that promises to continue the high-tech noir tradition of the first.

CCI: The Image Comics Panel

From a Todd McFarlane-illustrated "Spawn" #200 to release dates for "Haunt" and "Image United," the Image Comics panel was nothing short of jam-packed, rounded out by a special appearance from Jim Lee!

CCI: Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game

Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley spoke with CBR and spilled some early details on the side-scrolling Ubisoft action game spinning out of his Scott Pilgrim comic series and upcoming Universal feature film

CCI: Johns Brings JSA to "Smallville"

It was announced today that Geoff Johns is returning to "Smallville" to write an episode of the long-running show featuring comicdom's original superhero team - The Justice Society of America.

CCI: "Jonah Hex"

Director Jimmy Hayward and Producer Andrew Lazar join Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender, the stars of "Jonah Hex," to talk to the press. at CCI about Warner Bros. adaptation of the DC Comic's character.

CCI: The BOOM! Studios Panel

BOOM! announced ongoing series for "Farscape," "The Muppet Show" and "The Incredibles," a new Phil Hester book &and teased their newly acquired Disney publishing rights. And Mark Waid is ... no longer evil?

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